Meet the Artist

Morgan and Anna on a hike in BC with Wilbur, 2019

Anna has a multidisciplinary practice with a focus in fibre arts. She are experimental and conceptual in her approach. Anna explores two and three dimensional works, and investigates the intersections of textiles and fine art. Visual arts serve as a shared language that allows her to investigate her role in creativity and culture.

Anna seeks to translate complex ideas into tangible forms. Political, cultural, and moral influences are often seen in her pieces through representations of feminism, nature, injustice, and inner conflict. Her art is influenced by strong women in her life. Anna is motivated by social equity, respect, inclusion, environmental and climate sustainability, equitable access, community, and empathy.

Anna is a continuing volunteer artist for the Elizabeth Bagshaw Clinic, a Vancouver-based non-profit clinic specializing in women’s sexual health. She is the designer for the Alberta Teacher’s Association Learner Diversity and Equity Committee, and has designed masks for pride parades and other LGBTQ+ events. Additionally, she has volunteered and been a lead artist for public and private murals in her hometown of Calgary, including at the Women’s Centre of Calgary. Anna believes in the importance of boosting her community through the arts and otherwise.

In Anna’s personal life, she surrounds herself with her partner, Morgan, and their two dogs, Wilbur and Hugo. They enjoy camping, trail biking, beach volleyball, supporting her community, and good vegan cooking.

Anna and Hugo, 2021
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