About Anna Franziska

Born in Calgary, Alberta, Anna Franziska spent her childhood between the Canadian Rockies and prairies, and Australia’s beaches and deserts. She played sports growing up, and by the age of 12 Franziska was Alberta’s starting goalkeeper at the annual soccer Nationals tournament. At 16, Franziska again represented her province at the annual rugby National tournament as a starting 8-man.

Since, Franziska has discovered her love for the visual arts, and is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Alberta University of the Arts. She maintains a 3.96 GPA, and in majoring in fibre arts.

Franziska challenges preconceptions to obscure the familiar. She yearns to articulate the importance of respect, responsibility, equality, and understanding between all life on our planet through representations of feminism, nature, injustice, and inner conflict.

In Franziska’s personal life, she surrounds herself with her partner, Morgan, and their two dogs, Wilbur and Hugo. They enjoy camping, trail biking, beach volleyball, supporting her community, and good vegan cooking.

Franziska is a continuing volunteer artist for the Elizabeth Bagshaw Clinic, a Vancouver-based non-profit clinic specializing in women’s sexual health. The Alberta Teachers’ Association will be wearing masks she has designed to the pride parades and other LGBTQ+ events this year, as well as printing her designs for classroom use. Additionally, she has volunteered and been a supporting artist for public and private murals in her hometown of Calgary, and believes in the importance of boosting our community through the arts and otherwise.

Anna with Hugo, 2021

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